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Tokio and Ely settle in at Yamato Mori, where Our Supreme Leader™ Hoshi Sandek wants to know their answers to life's most important questions.Spoiler alert: it's not 42  Timestamps:4:18 Chapter 8 reac...
September 30, 2021
It's time for FULL-BEAST-IFICA-TION as Tokio continues the fight with Riza. Plus more worldbuilding and more characters! Momtaku and Luna are getting hype for this series!   Links this episode Read C...
September 10, 2021
It's another chase scene but this time Tokio gets saved by a familiar face and we see all that the snake choujin can do! Our read-through of Choujin X continues with chapters 5 and 6. 
August 17, 2021
We continue our readthrough of Sui Ishida's latest work, Choujin-X. Since Ishida works faster than most humans can manage, we're covering two chapters this week. Thanks as always for listening!! 
August 5, 2021
Podcast regular @attackonmomlife and fandom writer @stillmadaboutpetra join YHBG co-host @momtaku to discuss Rainbow Rowell's latest in the Simon Snow series, "Any Way the Wind Blows".    Introductio...
July 28, 2021
Our three year anniversary is coming up and we want to celebrate it with a return to AoT for an "Ask Me Anything" episode.  News, drama, the "real" ending, interviews, anime, MAPPA, appallingly low w...
July 13, 2021
The second chapter of Sui Ishida’s new manga Choujin X was released last week and Luna and Momtaku continue the tradition of reading it together.  Listen along as we try to make sense of bumbums, shee...
July 6, 2021
It's a return to SnK as the Big Girls discuss their reaction to the final pages, and the sometimes extreme reaction of the fandom. 
June 1, 2021
While awaiting next months Attack on Titan final chapter additions, the Big Girl's decide to read Choujin X, the latest work from Sui Ishida (Tokyo Ghoul).
May 13, 2021
For our final chapter podcast, the Big Girls recorded with a live audience. Special guests include Linkspooky, Puppet, Polkka and Underscore.
April 28, 2021

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